~Learning time~

2 years ago,my father has teach me  how to use sketchup and 3DMarks. I know that some of you think that draw sketchup and 3DMarks not important much. But me,I think it very important.I’ll tell you the  benefit of drawing graphic. Sometime, you go shoppping in the city, you see some beautiful buildings . Go home, and draw it with a correct parameters. I think you guys may have a question about the parameters. Don’t care about that. It just a numbers  to build a building. I know it because I study a long time ago :d My father say that, if I start to learn how to draw a graphics. You can design your own house,your own building. In the first day I start to learn it. It a big problem with me, cause it very hard to draw it exactly. And I don’t want to study it. My father explains me how it important to me. And then, I try to study. Now, with my knowledge in 2 years, I can design a big big big building. Like Vincom,Metro,…When one more important things that helped me in my life. I can design,draw, for everyone need it and I can find a lot of money when I do it for them. 😀


Hi guys, today I’d like to talk about  images!!!

Why should we use images?  

How do images improve your blog?

We should use images to make the posts more interesting. Sometime it’s show for we what we want to say too. Like to tell the story. The visitor will not bored when they read the post and images improve our blog by making the visitors interesting so there will be more visitors that wanted to visit our blog.

Images make the visitor more impressive,and they can remember longer what interesting in the blogs. Everyones sometime bored when they read the blogs or book,….have so many words.So sometime we must have the images for everyone can understand faster and easier.

I hope that all of you who read my post about images will learn about why we should use images in a post.

Some fun activity ^^

Hi guys, today i will talk about  fun websites that you can play and enjoy it when you have free time.

First, i’ll tell you the game i like most is:  Magic Pen. In this game,we have to move the red ball to the flag to win the game. You have to use all things in there(spin,hinge,big ball,… to push the red ball to the flag.

Second,I’d like to present sand maker (created a sandpicture). Use it very easy, click “C” to choose a color you like to make a picture. Make a beautiful pictures as you can. Enjoy it!!!



And the third is fantasy game. This fun activity where you can use your brain to complete the game. You will have to try the tutorial to have more information to play the game

Thanks for watching and also enjoy the game . Bye bye!!!



Spring Break Holidays

In my Spring Break,it’s don’t have interesting too much for me because I have to stay at home in whole Holidays.But I still have some little interesting things to do at home.

Yup,my first thing i do in whole holidays is sleeping.I sleep 12h a day.Yup,as you know,im like to sleep very muchhhhh!!!!!!!

Second thing are play game,and chatting. Yep,I play game Crossfire(i think you guys don’t know it so i link it to a web) with my friends.My favorite game ever.

I wen to my badminton club from 4 o’clock to 7 o’ clock every day. I’d a competition with another team.

At the end of the game. My team won 2c( 1c-21points)

I share for you guys my picture. How about you?!

By criggchef








Hi Guys,well,today i will tell you my widget.I don’t have much widget. i just have a normal widget


+BLOG AVATAR                                                   



+CATEGORIES and LINKS                                 

+FLICK and AKISMET                                         


That are all i have!!!!



















Blog I like

Okie,……Well,today i’ll talk about blog i like. First of all,I’ll tell my mind what i’m thinking about Billy’s blog. His blog is very interesting. He’s so many widget and too many words. And second we got Ella’s blog,It’s the same like Billy’s blog too. And the third one,we got Julie’s blog. Julie’s blog have so many Cat and also her Fan too: Justin Bieber :-ss. So I think my blog end from here now……..Bye guys!!!!

Here are the links of those:







Hi guys,today i’ll show you my avatar.


Well,I love to listening the music. I wear big glasses beacause i play game to much and read a books. i like to wear a hat,it make me more handsome :)). And i have a little brown skin

This avatar is very beautiful,right guys???? You can go to this link to create your own avatar:  “http://www.manga.com/content/avatar-face-maker“…. Hope you have a great avatar!!!

Digital Citizenship

Hi everyones,today i’ll tell you about a digital zitizenship.There’re 9 kind of that:

  • 1/Digital Etiquette: Electronic standards of conduct or procedure 
  • 2/Digital Law:Electronic responsibility for actions and deeds     
  • 3/Digital Access:Full electronic participation in society.    
  • 4/Digital Community:Electronic exchange of information. 
  • 5/Digital Literacy:Process of teaching and learning about technology and the use of technology
  • 6/Digital Commerce:Electronic buying and selling of goods.
  • 7/Digital Rights & Responsibilities:Those freedoms extended to everyone in a digital world.
  • 8/Digital Security:Electronic precautions to guarantee safety.
  • 9/Digital Health & Wellness:Physical and psychological well-being in a digital technology world. 









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